10 Times Pets Saved Their Owners: Unbelievable Incidents 

“10 Times Pets Saved Their Owners” Pets are the best friend of humans. As soon as they enter our lives, they make it worth living. They are cute and cuddly. But, have you ever experienced an event when your pets not only just make your life worth living but they give you a chance to live by saving your life? If you have never experienced something like this, you will be stunned to read about these spine-tingling incidents in which the pets saved their owners.  Who knew that these cute voiceless friends can be so heroic? Let us find out: 

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Pets Saved Their Owners
Pets saved their owners


10 Tremendous Events When Animals Saved Humans 

Lions Rescued a Kidnapped Girl

Lions Saved a Girl
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Once upon a time, a girl was coming back from her school and was abducted by some men greedy for money. They kept her hostile in an unknown place. But guess what! A group of lions protected her from the evil men, staving off them from undertaking their criminal actions. The experts claim that the sobbing of the girl made them feel like a cub and that she remained unharmed from the lions. 

Pitbull Hero

Pitbull are an aggressive and strong dog breed. However, they show their strength and aggressiveness only towards someone who intends to harm their loved ones. Sasha’s story can be a great example of this. She is an intelligent pit bull who keeps an eye at night. While everyone was asleep, she kept barking because she noticed flames emerging in the home. No one woke up so she grabbed the baby with her teeth and took him away from the home. The moment everyone woke up, they called the fire brigade and were happy to notice that their baby was saved by hero Sasha. 

Parrot Saves the Family

Talking about bravery and fire, birds are no fewer heroes than animals. This one time early in the morning the pet parrot kept making noise even when there was nobody to continue the conversation. Owners, after waking up to the noise, noticed a fire emerging from their homes. Help was called on time and nobody was harmed. Thanks to the presence of an intelligent lifesaver in the home. 

Dog Saves the Lady From Cardiac Arrest

This one time a couple was asleep but there was something wrong with the lady. Joanna Mellor from England went into cardiac arrest and her spouse was deep asleep. Leo the dog realized that there was something suspicious and started barking loudly. His loud bark woke up the man and when he got to know the reason behind the dog’s loud bark, he immediately called for help, and Joanna was saved. 

Dog Saves the Baby From Drowning

Dog Saves the Baby From Drowning

Let us now talk about this viral Instagram reel that was recorded on a security camera. The baby was playing along beside a pool and the parents were inside the home. Baby accidentally fell inside the pool and started drowning. The brave pet dog showed great courage by jumping into the pool and saving the baby from drowning. 

Kids Saved From Water

Talking about drowning, let us recollect one more incident that took place in the backyard of a home where two kids were playing. The kids were about to fall inside the fountain present on the lawn. The dog made his entry on time and did not allow the kids to go near the fountain because he knew it would harm the kids. 

Hero Cat at the Rescue


A dog who lived in the neighborhood pulled a 4-year-old boy off his bicycle. But the brave household cat, also known as ‘Hero Cat’ by the media, scooted the dog away from the child, staving off further damage. How heroic of the cat not to fear the canine and jump right away to protect the kid. Isn’t it fascinating to see how tiny pets saved their owners? 

Viral Video of Dog Saving From a Dog

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This Instagram reel went viral all over the internet where a dog was beaten by a dog for jumping onto a kid. While walking on the road, a wild dog jumped on a kid but suddenly a second dog came from nowhere and leaped right onto the dog taking him away from the kid. This video made our day. 

Carbon Monoxide Leak

Humans, when asleep, are in a position where they are not aware of their surroundings. Once upon a time, cute kitty Gracie ran to her owners while they were asleep. She woke them up and let them beware that something is wrong. The owner tells the media that, ‘we would not be here without Gracie”. 

Elephant v/s Tiger


The elephant ride is fun but not when it is attacked by a wild tiger. The lives of all the people came at risk when this happened in India. However, thanks to the brave elephant who went against the tiger and made him fear. Saved lives of many people. 

So, these were some incredible instances when the pets saved their owners. Our spines have got chills while going through these episodes. They are such tiny bodies but capable of everything that humans cannot imagine. It can be said that these pets not only make their owners happy but their presence is something that can make the owners feel safe everywhere. How incredible a feeling it is to realize that you always have someone to have your back and not rely on any other human to protect you. The only fault of these animals is that they cannot protect us for our whole lives but all these years clearly cannot be compared with the times spent without our beloved pets. So these were few examples of Pets Saved Their Owners.

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