5 Detailed Reasons: Why is my Cat Peeing on The Bed? Confusion Solved!

The last thing you would like to notice after waking up is cat pee on the bed. What exactly can be the reason for the cat peeing on the bed? This is what we will find out.

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Cat peeing on the bed
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Well, you should not blame the cat for this behavior because there might be a specific reason behind that. So instead of getting all frustrated from the little voiceless creature, you must look for the exact reason and remedies for the same. But before implementing any cures or treatments, it is necessary to identify the root cause of this situation. So we have discussed the top 5 and most common explanations that can clarify why your cat is peeing on your bed. 


Why is my Cat Peeing on The Bed? 

You are at the perfect spot to know about what might be the reason that your cat is peeing on the bed. So let us have a glance at some primary reasons: 

Image credit: istockphoto
Image credit: istockphoto


The most common reason for this activity is weakness. Whether it is a cat, any other animal, or a human, if anyone has been on medications or is going through a certain treatment, it is a common thing. However, if your cat seems perfectly normal and is still peeing on the bed, you should get it checked because maybe any internal problem might be emerging. 

Stress or Anxiety

The major reason for stress or anxiety in animals is getting separated from their owners for a long time. Just like humans, animals also cannot stay away from their owners. If you are going away for a long time, make sure to keep your beloved pets with someone who knows how to treat an animal especially when they have developed such a great bond with their owners. 

Litter Box

Since cats cannot speak, you might not be aware that they are not comfortable with their litter box. Especially if you own more than one cat and you use a common litter box for everyone, it is the central issue. Always use a different litter box for every cat. If you only own a single cat, try exploring and changing to different litter boxes. You can keep different types of boxes in many corners of the home and it would be easier for you to find the ideal one for your dear cat.  

Medical Reasons

If you do not think that the above reasons are suitable to give your cat a reason to pee on your bed, the other major and most problematic reason can be related to the internal health of your pet. There can be a possibility of urinary tract infection or other diseases like diabetes or kidney-related problems. However, everyone has got a different body. What one cat is suffering from is not necessary and others are also experiencing the same. Although, the episode of peeing on the bed might be the same reasons can differ. 

Adapting the new Situations

If there is a change in the lifestyle of people living in the home, there is a possibility that this might be a reason for your cat peeing on the bed. For example, moving to a new home is a complete change in the environment. The cat might be adapting itself to the change and hence it explains its behavior. The other example can be the welcoming of a new member of your family like a new cat or dog. This is also a kind of change in the environment for your cat. 

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So we hope that now you might have got an idea why your cat is peeing on the bed. There can be more reasons but here we have explained the most common ones for your cat peeing on the bed. Our pets cannot speak through words so it is important to identify their actions and behavior to determine what they might be going through. Ignoring these little things can affect the mental or physical health of the animals. So it is important to take the necessary initiatives before the problems get worse. Let the actions of your furry friends tell you the things they cannot tell you through words. 

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