Dog Symptoms: Why is my Dog Not Eating or Drinking? 5 Detailed Reasons

“Why is my dog not eating or drinking anything” is the question that we are going to answer.



Understanding the voice of your voiceless friends is very important. Since they cannot tell us what they are suffering from, they show certain symptoms by which we can determine what is exactly going on in their bodies. However, apart from noticing these symptoms, we sometimes fail to assume what is the actual issue. In such cases, it is recommended to visit a doctor and get your dog checked. 

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Why is my dog not eating or drinking anything
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Avoiding eating and drinking is a common issue that many dogs have at least once in their lives. In this case, it can be a symptom of illness. 

Why is my Dog Not Eating or Drinking

There can be many reasons why your dog avoids food. That is why we have put together some reasons that might tell us why your dog is not drinking or eating anything. Let us have a glance: 

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Upset Stomach

The most common reason for a dog avoiding its meals can be an upset stomach. There can be some main reasons why your dog is suffering from the same, such as eating something that they should not or bacterial imbalance in the digestive region. Along with avoiding food, other symptoms of an upset stomach can be fatigue, depressed behavior, frequently licking of their lips, etcetera. Other signals that show that you must immediately run to a vet include frequent diarrhea, vomiting, the appearance of blood in vomit or stool, or too much weakness. 

Dental Problems 

The most common dental issue that prohibits a dog from eating food is toothache. Immense pain in the gums or teeth can cause problems with chewing food. Other than that, swelling on the face or inside the mouth can also cause pain and the dog can eat less or stop eating at all. If not treated on time, these problems can get severe and also make the dog weak over time because of a lack of food.

Stress or Loneliness 

You must be wondering why a dog can have stress or feel lonely. The most common reason can be the absence of their owners. Since pets develop immense love and affection for their owners, they start to feel lonely in their absence. It is advised to keep your dog with someone whom your dog feels familiar with or take the pet with you wherever you go. 

Other Medical Problems

Apart from these issues, there are still many problems that can be responsible for this behavior of your dog. Examples are infections, food allergies, or other major internal diseases. It is advised to go to a veterinarian as soon as you can so that if there is any major problem, it can be looked after by a professional. You must not wait for these issues to get worse and go to the doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Too Much Water Content in Food

This is a very unusual situation when a dog does not drink water but is having its meals properly. The primary reason for this behavior can be that your pet is consuming the required water intake in the food itself. When you tend to add a lot of water while preparing meals for your dog, the water needs are getting fulfilled just by eating that food. It is very normal and you do not need to worry about anything here. 


However, if your pet is avoiding water along with food, it is a matter of concern and you will have to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Dogs cannot stay fine without water for a long time as in the case of humans. So if your pet is avoiding water and food together, see a veterinarian. 

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So now that you are aware of the primary reasons why your pet is not obtaining enough food or no food at all, you can follow up on the necessary remedies for the same. If the problems continue for a longer time, do not wait more and run to a vet. These animals are voiceless but the attachment we have with them speaks. So if you find even any minor symptoms of any illness, consider it a matter of concern. 

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